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We are citizens of the world

We all left our hometown and emigrated to new countries. Our friends kept on saying "how lucky you are", our parents boasted to everyone that we had gone to live abroad. The truth is, although we lived amazing new experiences, especially in the beginning, we also had moments when we felt lonely and depressed, wanting to pack our things and go back to the safety of our comfort zone. Our fighting spirit did not let us feel defeated and we now consider ourselves Citizens of the World.

We want to help make this adaptation easier for the ones who follow similar footsteps, sharing lessons learned, and things that would have made our lives easier from the start. 


We have been there. We have left our hometown and moved to new locations, new countries, new cultures.  It has been an amazing experience, but a tough one as well: there are so many things we know now that would have made our lives easier if we had known them before.

Even though technology makes it possible for us to stay connected to our hometown, we know that hugs and a cup of tea in our friend's house will have to be virtual. But we think it was worth it, and we will share tips on how to adapt abroad, make new friends, and build a new life.


Hei de Vencer ("I will succeed")


This phrase, meaning ”I will Succeed”, was written over and over again in a notebook by my father had when he was young. Due to a downturn in the family business, they were living in a poor environment, the only luxury was to study in a German school. There he met my mother, who at the age of 18 also inherited a business in economic difficulties. They succeed, indeed. That’s the name of my Swedish company, HEdVC AB, the abbreviation of that phrase.

Some may say I already did: I have a beloved daughter and her family, my soul mate husband, and in the past the EDISA IT prize in the university, being in the Brazilian ranking of Open Waters, earning a municipality award for the restauration a 100 year’s old historical house. They also might be impressed by my Business Analyst job at Volvo. Why on earth would I go back to learning to code in Java? Well … To develop a software that many said it was impossible, but stubborn as I am, I needed to try. As Steve Jobs once said “Don’t waste your life living someone else’s dream, deep inside you know what you want to become”.

The software is being tested, we are so proud of what we achieved! We will start by offering it in Portuguese, English and Swedish. But high investments are needed to validate medical translations different languages in our databases which work even when there is no internet connection available. The prototypes of our devices working off-the-cloud have caught the interest of many.

In, Life Beyond Borders people I’ve greatly admire, are highly respected by their peers internationally, will tell their amazing journeys. We will also share tips from coaches on mental health, nutrition, physical activities, and specially coaches to help you achieve new heights in your business career and consultants for projects in different countries.

In, Health Beyond Borders, the portal of the EMR software we are developing. It is aimed for doctors and medical clinics, who, by using our solution, will be able to provide reports for their patients containing their most important health information in different languages. After all, THE PATIENT IS THE OWNER of his/her health information, and it shall have it easily available when needed so speed up diagnose and recovery treatment.  We like to call it a fast track in the health system. These reports help even when in the mothertongue, when taking someone you care to Emergency and the nurse start asking questions about the patient’s allergies, medications, medical procedures, etc. In those moments, time is of the essence. Imagine how much more when translations are involved.

A Nobel laureate once said “The impossible is what takes a little longer” – Hei de Vencer :)

Heloisa Oderich

CEO / Founder


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